Adopt A Tree Program a huge success in Murray Hill

On a beautiful, cold Friday morning on December 9th, the Adopt A Tree Program was in action. This program was originally launched in 1973 by what was then called the Murray Hill Committee Greening Initiative, led by the committee’s then President Ed Hochberg, VP, Dorothy Shames and Honorary Trustee, Irma Fisher. The Adopt A Tree Program was revived this September under the direction of Michael-Ann Rowe, Chair of The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association’s Green & Clean Committee, and the immediate goal to purchase 10 new trees in Murray Hill this Fall was accomplished.


The trees were planted from East 38th Street to East 30th Street and from 2nd Avenue to Park Avenue at the following locations:


264 Lexington Ave.

282 Lexington Ave.

129-31 East 36th St.

150 East 37th St.

210 East 30th St.

216 East 32nd St. (site of P.S. 116, which will have a ceremony with the students at school)

212 East 35th St.

225 East 36th St.

105 East 38th St.

67 Park Ave (on hold until Spring)


The choice of trees included Chinese Elm, European Hornbeam, Native Hornbeam, Kentucky Coffeetree, American Elm and Shingle Oak. Determining factors in choosing which tree should be planted where included the location of the site, the amount of light available, and how much car traffic occurs in that particular area, i.e., heavily trafficked side streets were assigned trees that wouldn’t grow too large. 


Our deepest thanks go to the Windhover Foundation for awarding a $25,000 matching grant to the Adopt A Tree Program. This motivated our community to come together and support the program by matching this donation of $25,000. It was the most successful fundraising campaign in recent years for the MHNA.


We also thank Urban Arborists, a Tree Care and Diagnostic Company located in Brooklyn for their assistance right through the installation of the trees, removing stumps where necessary. They have provided services to our community for many years. With their professional guidance we have worked with them for the analysis of missing tree locations, tree species, and especially their coordination with the NYC Department of Parks and Forestry.


The Adopt A Tree Program will continue its drive for a Spring planting. Donations are welcome now. Dedicating or honoring a tree to someone special would be a donation that lasts forever!


Trees are a major investment in our community’s greening and clean air, and the effect on our neighborhood and the environment will be felt for years to come. Please learn more about the Adopt A Tree program.


Murray Hill is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets and we are thrilled to have these trees added to our neighborhood. We salute Michael-Ann for her role in making this happen. 

      210 East 30th Street, wheeling tree to the tree pit

    Tree going in at PS 116 on East 32nd Street (between 2nd & 3rd Avenue)

               Tree at 212 East 35th Street

         Michael-Ann Rowe at tree 288 Lexington Avenue

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