Center for Healthy Hearing New York

Center for Healthy Hearing New York
161 Madison Avenue #11W
(Between 32nd and 33rd)
New York NY 10016
United States
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Offering a wide range of hearing health care services


A wide range of hearing health care services for individuals of all ages. We are skilled in the areas of hearing loss, adult diagnostic procedures, hearing aid selection and provision, assistive listening technology, listening skills related to learning disabilities.

Dr. Ike Iheagwara, Sc.D., CCC-A, FAAA, Head Clinician

• Hearing aid prescription and fitting of the full range of hearing aids

• Hearing assessment for all ages

• Custom-fit musician’s monitors and hearing protection

• Assistive listening devices for telephone, television and public areas

• Swim molds, ear molds, and noise protectors

• Industrial hearing conservation services • Auditory Brainstorm Response Test (ABR)

• Tympanometry

• Hearing aid molds

• Counseling and aural rehabilitation for patients and their families to develop effective listening and communication skills

• Evaluation and treatment for tinnitus

• Battery sales


Head Clinician, Center for Healthy Hearing New York

Dr. Iheagwara is an experienced audiologist and focuses his practice on hearing evaluations, hearing aid selection and professional audio and music consulting. He is committed to connecting with his patients and providing a high level of individualized, quality care.

A New York native, Dr. Iheagwara grew up in White Plains. He completed his undergraduate degree in Boston at Northeastern University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. While at Northeastern, he worked at the university clinic to provide musicians with solutions to their hearing issues and gained experience with custom in-ear monitors and ear molds (ear plugs). After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Iheagwara pursued his Doctorate in Audiology at Montclair State University. While a doctorate student, he participated in practicum-training programs at the Montclair State University Clinic, St. Josephs Regional Medical Center, AudioHelp Hearing Centers, and Atlantic Health: Overlook Hospital. Through his extensive practicum training, Dr. Iheagwara honed his skills and recognized the importance of working together with patients to understand and resolve their hearing concerns.

Upon graduating with his Doctor of Science in Audiology, Dr. Iheagwara has worked in private audiology practices to help patients achieve their hearing goals. His passion and commitment to healthy hearing and quality patient care has inspired him to found The Center for Healthy Hearing New York and pursue his interest in providing patients with individualized care.

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