Chill Space NYC – Where Science Meets Wellness

Chill Space NYC – Where Science Meets Wellness
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Chill Space NYC - Where Science Meets Wellness


Chill Space is a unique health and wellness spa that utilizes innovative therapies such as floatation, cryosauna, and full-spectrum infrared sauna to enhance mental and physical health. Our goal is to offer wellness through relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation. I personally invite you to come chill!

-Dr. Josh Kantor, Founder


Monday 12pm - 9:30pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 9:30pm

Saturday 10:30am - 7:30pm

Sunday 10:30am - 5:30pm


Welcome to Chill Space!

Dr. Josh Kantor, Chill Space Founder

Dr. Josh Kantor, founder, and owner of Chill Space is a NYC Holistic Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Dr. Kantor created Chill Space based on his passion to heal, proactively prevent severe and chronic illness, and improve the overall health and wellness of his clients with natural remedies.

Chill Space combines the most cutting-edge spa technologies in a soothing environment where every guest can relax, heal and rejuvenate. They invite you to try all of their services. They offer a variety of gift cards, package deals, and discounts.


Infrared Saunas - Infrared sauna therapy is a perfect therapy for first-timers and a great introduction to Chill Space. This health spa therapy relaxes and detoxes the body and while boosting your metabolism. We have two sauna rooms from which you can select depending on the time and experience you require. Opt for our first sauna room with chromotherapy treatment specifically for mood-boosting where you can relax and soak up the light. This room is equipped with a private shower for use after your session. Our other private sauna room is an express sauna where you can refresh with face and body wipes, and cool towels before you head out the door.

Sensory Deprivation Tank - Tune out and turn off in the 6’ x 8’ float cabins, complete with private in-room showers. The 96-degree tanks are filled with 1250 pounds of healing Epsom salt that mimics the buoyancy of the Dead Sea. This unique environment creates a womb-like experience and the perfect habitat for healing and relaxation.

Cryosauna - Using the latest technology direct from Finland, the cryosauna pulsates nitrogen mist at a temperature of -220 degrees Fahrenheit. The three-minute hyper-cooling process lowers the skin’s temperature, accelerating muscle recovery and producing a rush of endorphins. This cutting-edge technology is fast becoming a staple for professional sports teams, replacing the outdated ice bath.

Cryofacial - Stimulate collagen production, smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, and reduce headaches with this soothing and invigorating therapy. Their cryofacial uses a controlled mist of sub-zero CO2 applied over the face, neck, and scalp by one of their trained technicians. Regular treatments can promote anti-aging, brighten and tighten, and improve the overall quality of your skin’s appearance.

IV Drip Therapy - Intravenous therapy is a fast and efficient method of delivering nutrients into the body for maximum results. Whether you’re seeking instant rehydration, fitness, and athletic support, detoxification, immunity boost to head off the flu virus, or to beautify from the inside out, they have a customized drip to satisfy your needs.

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