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Your transformative journey, based on the latest science



Come and discover where you’re stuck, and leave with tools that raise your vibration, so you can attract high vibration, high quality experiences, and shift to living your highest potential. Live a magnificent life, however you define it, as you grow and change, today and every day.

The 360 Health program goes beyond health care to SELF CARE where you create your own personalized formula, establish your own rhythm and experience 6 LIVE healing sessions.


There comes in a lifetime a few special souls....whose wisdom, generosity of spirit, and authenticity begs to be be taken be understood....and to be practiced. Michele Risa is one of those rare women with feet firmly planted in terra....but with a soul ever soaring....who was inspired to create 360 Health….an opportunity for the informed as well as the experience a wealth of information....parceled out by some of the planet's most gifted practitioners….and exquisitely designed to open channels of healing, enhanced being, and a total integration of the body, mind and spirit.

This journey included one on one, and group participation, in meditation, energy healing, breathwork, and vibrational wellness all orchestrated into a beautiful symphony of care, compassion, intimacy, and exploration. I recommend this experience to the bold, to the curious, to the wounded, and to any whose spirit yearns for more or simply to deepen appreciation for what already exists. 360 Health provides an integrated pathway to move forward in this world with greater clarity, vision, power and joy. Thank you, Michele, and each of the presenters in 360 Health for your gifts!

- Anne Akers, Health & Wellness Entrepreneur


1. 360 Health is based on the latest science

2. 360 is tried and true, long lasting

3. 360 expands beyond health care to self care

4. 360 is enhanced with 6 LIVE healing sessions

5. 360 empowers you to create your own Personalized Formula

6. 360 provides you with a comprehensive Guidebook

7. 360 is highly experiential and transformative

8. 360 Hallows you to establish your own rhythm

9. 360 offers a deepening connection with self and a supportive community

10. 360 is a cutting edge, evolutionary process


Michele Risa is CEO and founder of Collaborative Solutions, Inc. works with thought leaders and influencers to help them identify their deepest aspirations.

Having kicked cancer amid the pandemic, she created 360 Health, which expands “health care” to “self care” and transforms illness to prevention. It provides 6 LIVE experiential Healing sessions for an immediate shift and release.

Given our polarization and isolation, she has launched Healing Conversations to build more meaningful relationships.

A world-wide executive speaker, Michele has presented at the World Economic Forum, Viacom, Forbes, Barclays, United Healthcare and TEDx in Manhattan, including a 6-month program at the New York Stock Exchange.

She is an award-winning co-author of “Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion & Profit.” Michele has been a TV producer since 1998. She has conducted meditation at the United Nations. She was formerly President of the Manhattan Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Michele is also a member of the Conscious Business Synergy Circle, connected to the Evolutionary Leaders, founded by Deepak Chopra and which launched the Conscious Business World Summit in 2019.

Michele has studied with various masters, including Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Terry Patten and Ken Wilber and holds a M.A. from Columbia University.

She is passionate about dis-ease prevention, spreading the truth about the glory of aging as a two-time marathon runner, and supporting thought leaders to promote world peace and prosperity.


20% discount on the Collaborative Solutions 360 Health program. The program includes 6 LIVE healing sessions to guide you on your transformative journey to vibrant, long lasting, proactive SELF CARE. Call 718-316-7839 for a consultation. Scholarships are available.


Collaborative Solutions offers discounts to The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association members!

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