Dr. Irene Grafman DDS

Dr. Irene Grafman DDS
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Most of my patients at some point ask why I became a dentist. The first moment that comes to mind is when I was in high school and my parents sat me down for the “what are you going to be when you grow up” talk. In true teenager fashion my answer was “ I don’t know, but don’t get your hopes up because Iam never going to be a dentist!” My famous last words. I am now a 3rd generation dentist and can’t imagine doing anything else I would love more.

It’s incredible to me how the profession has advanced even in the 15 years I have been practicing. As I age I have began to notice changes in my own mouth that have lead me to research and find answers that can also help my patients. In my 20s I felt I had a great smile, always receiving complements I never looked at myself as someone who may develop the problems I spoke to my patient’s about. But slowly I started to notice my teeth shifting ever so slightly, then my front teeth appearing shorter than they did in old photos. Finally recently I noticed some clicking and discomfort in my jaw joint accompanied by snoring that has worsened over time. All this curiosity about myself and even more, wanting to prevent my son from ever developing cavities, gum disease or any of these issues I am experiencing myself, has led me to gain a great deal of knowledge about prevention, proper treatment and the mouth body connection.

I believe with this knowledge I am able to offer my patients answers and results that could take them years and numerous doctors to find. My goal is to help each of my patients achieve a beautiful smile. What makes my approach different is that I believe Beauty = Comfort + Health. Once we teach you how to maintain a healthy mouth and help you put your teeth and joints in a position of comfort a beautiful smile will always be the result.

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