Linda’s (The Bra Lady)

Linda’s (The Bra Lady)
552 3rd Avenue
New York NY 10016
United States


What makes Linda's different?

We are dedicated to helping women find the perfect bra by specializing in expert bra fitting. Our stores are staffed with knowledgeable bra fitters and stocked with a vast selection of sizes and styles. We're here to help you solve your bra problems, so come find out what it's like to finally feel comfortable and confident in your bra!

What makes the Fitters experts?

Over 25 years ago, Linda attended a mastectomy bra fitting class hosted by the American Cancer Society. It changed her life, and she has been changing other women's lives by bra fitting ever since. She personally trains her bra fitters for at least three months in "Bra School". They become familiar with women's bodies and our extensive inventory. After working at our stores, our bra fitters are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help with any woman's needs!

What happens during the fitting?

A bra fitter will bring you back to our fitting rooms and take a quick measurement. She'll evaluate your size and shape, and then bring you the styles you need. Yes, you do have to take your top off. But don't worry, we are professionals who are here to help you!

How long does a fitting last?

About 30 minutes, more or less. Sometimes women are so overjoyed to find such fabulously fitting bras, they stay a bit longer to buy other styles they may need, such as: sports bras, strapless bras, and even swimwear. We want you to walk out feeling comfortable, confident and supported!

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