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MakiMaki Sushi
212-557-5733 (voice)
360 Lexington Avenue
(between 40th & 41st Street)
New York NY 10017
United States
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Premium fast-casual sushi bar focusing on sushi rolls


MakiMaki is a premium fast-casual sushi bar that focuses exclusively on sushi rolls. They offer two types of rolls, traditional 8-piece cutup maki and cone-shaped temaki or hand rolls, and allow for customization with additional ingredients and sauces.

MakiMaki has perfected the process of preparing fresh, custom-made sushi rolls of 5-star quality at reachable prices. MakiMaki pioneered this unique and engaging approach to enjoying fresh, tailor-made sushi that combines “in-and-out” pace with high quality and authenticity.

They also have specials and serve teas and appetizers including edamame, salad, miso soup, seasonal soups and sashimi.


Every Monday-Thursday from 4-6:30pm

Wine and beer half off!


From an office party, to an at home celebration, MakiMaki can help with your next event. Contact or call 212-557-5733.


Kevin Takarada

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