Makor Center for Spiritual Judaism

Makor Center for Spiritual Judaism
212-682-2626 (voice)
109 East 39th Street
(between Park and Lexington)
New York NY 10016
United States
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Serving the Jewish Community for over 90 years


MAKOR is a synagogue and Jewish spiritual center in the midtown Murray Hill section of New York City that brings a spiritually and psychologically transformative path to Jews of all backgrounds.

Makor provides Jews from all denominations and practices with a deeper understanding of the essential teachings within Judaism, and practical guidance on how to apply them to achieve health, serenity, success, and peace of mind.

Makor brings a unique mixture of meditation and affirmative prayer to Judaism, Jewish synagogue services, and its application to daily life. Practitioners believe that effective prayer comes not from begging and pleading. Rather, it comes from developing a deep-seated and loving connection with God/Divine Source (“makor”) and affirming our faith that the health, serenity, success, and peace of mind we seek is manifesting. They also believe that the two main attributes of the Divine Source are goodness and creativity—which is why they offer a variety of cultural and spiritually diverse programs as well.

Originally called “Jewish Science” when developed in 1922, the Makor approach teaches how to apply essential Jewish teachings to the stresses and demands of everyday life. It was path-breaking 100 years ago. Since then, science has only just begun to catch up in recognizing the “mind-body connection” and the power of affirmative prayer in restoring health, serenity, success, and peace of mind.

Weekly and Holiday Services, Shabbat Programs, Classes, Speakers, Meditation and Visualization

Terry Katz, Executive Director

Frank Tamburello, Rabbi and Spiritual Leader

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Contact the Center for information concerning religious services and or space usage for events or programs aligned with the mission of Makor Center.

The Makor Center for Spritual Judaism was formerly called Society of Jewish Science / Center for Applied Judaism.

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