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Maryel School of New York
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An independent, co-educational & bilingual school


Maryel School of New York is an independent, co-educational and bilingual Spanish/English school serving students from nursery through the 5th grade.

The mission of Maryel is to educate girls and boys to “be the best they dan be and to be leaders in a global world.”

With a rigorous and challenging education, Maryel incorporates all forms of critical thinking and inspires a life-long love of learning. Tradition and innovation come together in this wonderful community.

To carry out their mission, Maryel unites the educational system of Spain and the United States. The educational and cultural system of Spain is traditionally considered to be one of the most rigorous, intellectually demanding and culturally rich academic models in Europe. The American educational system is characterized by its pragmatism, collaborative work and creativity. Maryel School of New York is a harmonious combination of both systems which offers their students an education that is comparable to the most prestigious, independent schools of the United States and Europe.

Maryel School encourages students to reach their academic, social, and emotional potential in a challenging and supportive environment.


Maryel was founded in Spain, by a visionary in education, Celine Cacho in 2004. Her passion and perseverance has made Maryel a reality.

Mrs. Cacho’s vision was based on these fundamentals:

- Each child has a gift and a unique talent which s/he expresses in a special way.

- As educators they must help students to discover their unique talent, feel confident in themselves to develop it, and provide the necessary means to acquire its maximum potential.

- Bilingualism is an essential part of the education of the children in century XXI. When children are exposed to two different languages they are taught to be more tolerant and respectful of other cultures and traditions, which enables them to become more responsible and active citizens of the world.

Young people are uniquely privileged to learn these skills and aptitudes as a fundamental part of their education.


Maryel School of New York is located in historic Murray Hill in the heart of Manhattan, in a charming townhouse.

New York City is their campus! Their location offers a wealth of learning opportunities for their students. The Morgan Library & Museum, the New York Public Library, The National Museum of Mathematics and Bryant Park, located in the neighborhood, are only a few examples of educational resources that benefit their students.

Their centrally-located facility on 35th Street between Park and Madison Avenues allows families from all over New York City to get to them easily with their proximity to the 6, F, Q, R,N, B, and D trains.

By walking through the hallways you will see what makes Maryel a unique academic experience. Their facility has been recently renovated to provide a rich environment for learning and growth.

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