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Orthopedic, Sports Medicine and Manual Physical Therapists


Dawn Utstein P.T.,P.C.

Physio Sports Center


Physio Sports Center's physical therapists have been treating patients in Murray Hill for the past 25 years.

They are Orthopedic, Sports Medicine and Manual Physical Therapists with over 25 years experience.

Quality care and the personal touch are most important to them. All treatments are one-on-one for 30 minutes up to 1 hour in private treatment rooms.

You will see the same Therapist each time.

The facility is 5,000 square feet with a 2,000 square foot fully-equipped gym.


Physical Therapy

Mon- Thurs: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm

Fri: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Personal Training

7 days a week by appointment ONLY

Independent Trainers and Pilates Instructors welcomed.


Strength Training


Prevent Rx: A Prescription For Prevention

A preventative injury orthopedic evaluation that willdetermine if you have predisposition to injury, an assess current active injures as well as any limitations in range of motion, strength, or postual dysfunctions

Physio Sports Center is a group of licensed orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapists specialize in evaluating individuals and designing custom exercise programs to help the individual maximally achieve their physical goals.

Our training implements the philosophy of educating clients and assisting them in achieving a structural balance between strength, power, mobility, and flexibility.

In conjunction with proper techniques, our program will allow you to safely obtain your highest level of performance.

MOVE: The Future of You

Physio Sports Center is proud to introduce MOVE a new program to address the aging population. Throughout life, tightness in muscles and soft tissues cause joint stiffness. This causes abnormal movement in the musculoskeletal system. As a result one may experience pain, weakness and/or restricted range of motion.

The program begins with a one hour musculoskeletal evaluation to assess joint range of motion, flexibility, strength, posture and overall function. These services are performed exclusively by a licensed physical therapist. Upon completion of the evaluation, the therapist will design an individualized program uniquely tailored to your specific needs.?

About the owner:

Dawn Utstein, owner of Dawn Utstein P.T.P.C./Physio Sports Center, is a graduate of New York University College of Physical Therapy. In addition, she has a Bachelors' Degree in Exercise Physiology. Dawn has worked in the field of sports medicine and orthopedics since 1984. In 1985, she started her own physical therapy practice in New York City, which emphasized one-on-one manual physical therapy. She has worked closely with many of the physicians in New York and related areas and has also gained their respect as a highly skilled clinician and business person. Finally, her passion and personal interest in her patients has contributed to her ongoing success.

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