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Roark Tech Services provides premiere technology & computer support to nearly every business segment and remains a trusted partner for NYC small businesses since 1998.


They provide fit-for-purpose technology solutions that allows small businesses to maximize their productivity, collaboration and security, leaving more time to focus on their core business.

Roark Tech Services educates and provides guidance to clients about today’s ever-evolving technology, so they can choose the technology solutions that are best suited for their business, their budget and their future growth.



Roark Tech Services's core offering is a Fully Managed IT Support solution for small businesses from one to one hundred employees, in and around New York City. Roark Tech Services can handle 100% of IT support or supplement the existing technology support with a broader range of expertise and capabilities. They have a team of enterprise-caliber technicians dedicated to maintaining, protecting, supporting and monitoring your business technology. With a Roark Tech Services Fully Managed IT solution, emergency help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


PC / Mac / Tablet / Smartphone Support E-Mail and Website Design & Hosting E-Mail, Text Messaging, Chat, iPhone, Android Support Firewall / Web Filtering / Employee Monitoring Setup & Maintenance Remote / Cloud Computing / Virtualization Solutions Virus / Malware & Spam Protection Microsoft Office365 Setup, Configuration and Maintenance


Roark Tech Services is expert at building secure, reliable and responsive cloud solutions that offer on-demand hosted infrastructure for small businesses that require agility, security and reliability. Beyond the needs of file hosting and data storage, small businesses can move all applications and data from on-site servers to a fully-hosted model, including a secure way to work-from-anywhere without ever losing access to data.


Roark Tech Services offers a complete suite of solutions that work together to secure your data and prevent cyber-attacks. Cyber Security provides policies that keep employees aware of the latest threats and how to best protect themselves and the firm from malicious hackers. A formal Data Leakage Prevention (“DLP”) policy for email, data and remote access is essential. Roark Tech Services employs the latest technology to keep your business safe. This includes: Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Encryption, Firewall Defense, Boundary Defense, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Data Governance and Mobile Device Management. Roark Tech Services uses a broad range of cost-effective methods to protect your small business, including: Network Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Web Filtering, Next Generation Firewalls, Data Encryption and Reporting.?


Roark Tech Services Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services have benefited their clients since 1998, with no greater testaments than the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Roark Tech Services remained fully operational and poised to assist their clients during both events. Depending on the event, your office may remain off limits for a few hours, a few days or months. Can your business survive if you cannot securely work from a remote location with access to your data, files and records? Roark Tech Services proactive Business Continuity solutions ensure that your critical business processes continue during a time of emergency or disaster, allowing all employees to securely work remotely with no loss of access to their data. Over the past twenty years Roark Tech Services developed the best practices that deliver the right Disaster Recovery solution to their clients. They can help you recover your data, ensure it is available and permit your business to continue operating. They accomplish this by maintaining redundant copies of data in separate physical regions that remain in sync.


Many small businesses grow organically without the ability to plan a network that will scale and accommodate their growing security, employee and client needs. Roark Tech Services provides complete networking services from design and implementation to administrative support, allowing a focus on your business. Their technicians help develop IT strategies that maximize network uptime and productivity. Whether you need a completely new network installed or are just looking to upgrade / scale your existing network to accommodate growth, Roark Tech Services can help. They design and install all network components – cabling, routers, switches, servers and workstations, LAN, and WAN components. Their engineers are highly experienced in network and computer technologies that require a great deal of expertise and knowledge of industry best practices.


Whether you already have a working website or are starting from scratch, Roark Tech Services can help. They have a team of web developers, designers and marketing experts to work with you to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that adheres to high security protocols. A strong brand reflects a company’s core values, mission and product attributes. Services include logo & identity design, digital and print marketing collateral, copy writing and more. Save time and money by making sure the right people, get the right message in the right way. Services include email marketing campaigns, SEO, digital advertising and more.

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