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Park Avenue Tunnel – work notices

See flyers at the links below for information about work for the reconstruction of the Park Avenue Tunnel.


Update February 20, 2023

Unexpected water main replacements have to be done in and around the Park Avenue Tunnel. As this work has to be coordinated between more than one NYC agency, there were details to work out regarding the water main work that has to take place inside the tunnel. The project is now moving forward. The contractor recently remobilized and began preparatory work inside the tunnel. This work is taking place near the south portal, will last a few weeks and will not cause any traffic interruptions. 

Once that work is completed, street level preparatory work for the water main replacement, involving utility relocation and deck replacement will begin. This work will take place over the course of about six weekends and will involve temporary lane closures on northbound and southbound Park Avenue.  A detailed notice will be issued to the community including the specific dates, detours, and other pertinent information before this work starts. 

The water main replacement work will follow and barring any unforeseen issues, this work should take a few months to complete. Once a more definitive schedule is available, an updated substantial completion date will be available. At this time, it is anticipated to be completed by mid- to end of summer. 

There has also been an enormous amount of graffiti inside the tunnel as well as at the north and south portals. NYC DOT is addressing the removal of the markings and should begin removing it from the north and south approaches this week. It has been difficult to deter the graffiti while the tunnel is closed. The project coordinators have not had much success getting extra patrols from the NYPD, as the NYPD are dealing with staffing shortages. The graffiti inside the tunnel will be removed once the project is completed and the tunnel is ready to reopen.



2019 05 May DOT flyer – May 2019 Reconstruction of the Median at 34th Street
2020 01 January DOT flyer – Temporary lane changes extended through March 2020
2020 01 January DOT flyer – Temporary lane changes January 2020
2020 02 February 21 Tunnel closure
2020 04 April 17 Temporary lane changes for 2 weeks
2020 04 April 24 Test Pits on 34th Street
2020 05 May 1 Test Pits on 34th Street
2020 05 May 10 Daytime closures
2020 05 May 4 Test Pits on 34th Street extended to May 15
2020 06 June 1 Test Pits on 34th Street extended to June 15
2020 07 July 6 Temporary lane closures on Park Avenue
2021 03 March 18 Milling and Paving
2021 10 October 23 to 30 Steel plate replacement
2021 10 Work continues to November 15 – Steel plate replacement

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