13th Precinct Community Affairs

The 13th Precinct is located in the lower portion of mid-town Manhattan. Included in this area are the Peter Cooper/Stuyvesant Town residential complex (owned and operated by Met Life Insurance Company), Gramercy Park, the lower portion of Rosehill and a portion of Chelsea. The precinct is home to several major insurance companys (Met Life, New York Life & Guardian Life), major health care facilities (outlined below), Consolidated Edison Headquarters and several commercial associations.

Contact Information Precinct: (212) 477-7411
Community Affairs: (212) 477-7427
Crime Prevention: (212) 477-7427
Domestic Violence: (212) 477-3863
Youth Officer: (212) 477-7411
Auxiliary Coordinator: (212) 477-4380
Detective Squad: (212) 477-7444

Community Council President: Frank J. Scala Meetings: The precinct community council meets on the third Tuesday of the month, except for December, July and August, at 230 East 21st Street.

17th Precinct Community Affairs

167 East 51st Street, New York, NY, 10022-6010


The NYPD 17th Precinct is located in midtown Manhattan and comprised of the following communities: Sutton Area, Beekman Place, Kips Bay, Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Manhattan East and the Rose Hill Community. The Precinct serves three main constituents – residential, business and diplomatic communities.

Neighborhood Coordination officers 17th Pct

Contact Information Precinct: 212-826-3211

Community Affairs: 212-826-3228

Community Policing: 212-826-3212

Crime Prevention: 212-826-3224

Domestic Violence: 212-826-3210

Youth Officer: 212-826-3207

Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-826-3216

Detective Squad: 212-826-3206


The Precinct Council meeting is held on the last Tuesday of every Month at 6 P.M. at the Sutton Place Synagogue, 225 East 51st Street.

Crime statistics page

Department of Sanitation Complaints (or call 311)

DSNY complaints.

Do Not Call Registry

If you want to add your phone number to the National Registry, please visit their website at where you will find all the instructions on how to register your telephone(s). You may register either at the website or by calling 1-888-382-1222. 

If you receive unwanted telemarketing calls, you may file a complaint directly with the National Do Not Call Registry by calling the toll free line at 1-888-382-1222 or filing directly online at When filing your complaint, you must have the date the call was received and either the name or the phone number of the telemarketing company.

You can find free educational materials on a variety of consumer topics, press releases, and other important information on the FTC website at

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Do you need to report drug activity, prostitution, or disorderly behavior?

Please call 911. Complaints become part of the City’s electronic record, and are routed to agency staff for action.

More calls guarantee closer attention to the area.

Do you need to report litter, loitering, panhandling, cracked sidewalks, or homelessness?

Call 311, text 311-692 or visit the 311 website to log a complaint. Complaints become part of the City’s electronic record, and are routed to agency staff for action.

More calls guarantee closer attention to the area.

You can also enter 311 requests online at

Overflowing garbage cans belonging to the Dept of Sanitation should be reported at:

If you see something illegal, dangerous, or someone who is a danger to themselves or others call 911 – do not call 311 if there is an emergency. Lewd, inappropriate behavior such as nudity or inappropriate sexual displays quality for 911.

If you need an NYC litter basket …

Click on the link above to request a public litter basket to be placed on a street corner. You just need to complete and submit a simple form.

You can also call 212-868-0286

If you need emergency heating assistance in cold weather

The Human Resources Administration (HRA) administers the federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), which can help low-income renters and homeowners with heating bills and other energy expenses. HEAP can help with: – Regular heating bills from a variety of heat sources (even if heat is included in your rent or you live in subsidized housing) – Emergency payments to keep you from losing your heat – Replacing damaged furnaces, boilers and heating units Eligibility for HEAP is based on your household income, family size and energy costs. If you are homebound and need help with your heating bills, you can call the NYC Heat Line at 212-331-3150 to arrange a home visit. For more information, call 311.

New York City Department of Sanitation Digest of Codes

Call 311 or text 311-692 for complaints. Or visit their website:

Poison Control Center call: 212-764-7667


Business owners are required to have proof of private carter service and must follow rules on when trash may be placed on sidewalks for collection. All trash must be placed out for collection as close to collection time as possible. If refuse is scheduled to be picked up after closing, merchants must place refuse outside within one hour of closing. If the collection service is performed during the business day, the refuse must be placed out for collection within two hours of collection time.

DOS rules also state that all cardboard must be flattened and secured with twine or placed in recycling containers or paper recycling bags. You may not use cardboard boxes as receptacles, even for flattened cardboard.


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NYC Department of Buildings (real-time map) Local Law 104 Properties that have violations

City residents are encouraged to call 311 to report any hazardous living conditions in their buildings or to report non-compliant or unsafe construction conditions. Tenants can also visit the Department’s Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA) page, which also provides more information about possible violations.