Update: The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association opposes the recent proliferation of garish LED/neon signs in residential historic Murray Hill

Update July 20, 2023

Back in February, The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association wrote about the proliferation of garish signage and lights in the Murray Hill Historic District. While there have been partial corrections, not all have complied with the law. On June 28, 2023, the association sent a letter and a summary of NYC signage rules to Park Ave Coop Presidents, Agents & Owners regarding the offensive 24-hour lights in professional offices along Park Avenue (between 34th and 39th streets). These bright lights and obtrusive signage create a Times Square/Coney Island effect detrimental to our residential zoned historic community. It also has a negative effect on existing homeowners, renters and those looking to live in a non-commercial residential neighborhood. Read the original article.


Please help us prevent continuing and further proliferation of this noncompliance of zoning regulations!  We urge you to report the problem to 311 (call or online) or use the 311 app to voice your complaint about the offensive all-night displays at the buildings shown below. If this creeping plague is allowed to continue, there will soon be all night lights and garish signage in every street level professional enclave from Madison Avenue to Third Avenue and from 34th to 39th Street. What a sad thought for our treasured residential enclave in Murray Hill!

Update March 21, 2023

We want to report a small victory regarding a townhouse at 109 East 36th Street in the Historic District. This building has a medical spa on the ground floor with a changing display monitor showing graphic “before and after” images in the window. We received numerous complaints about this offensive, brightly lit screen. Because buildings in the Historic District need to follow certain regulations, we reported the building to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). The LPC contacted the building manager who notified the business owner. As a result, the monitor has been turned off and the business will seek alternative signage. This is a relief to those in the neighborhood and we greatly appreciate the building’s cooperation in respecting our residential neighborhood.

          109 East 36th Street in the Historic District (before) 

                             109 East 36th Street (after)

March 20, 2023 

The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association opposes the recent proliferation of 24-hour garish LED/neon signs all night light displays in store front street-level spaces in residential buildings creating a commercial thoroughfare in our historic residential Murray Hill, especially on Park Avenue. The MHNA sent a letter to Board Presidents and Managing agents of Park Avenue buildings from 34th – 39th Street, as well as to certain individual buildings regarding the LED/neon signs in Murray Hill. They also reported the problem (with images) to Community Board Six and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. A ground floor space in a business in a landmark building on 38th Street replaced their flashing sign with a smaller, less garish sign. If you would like to comment on this issue, please call 311 to report the offensive signage issue. Read the MHNA’s letter at the link below. 

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